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Best Practices for Keyword Density

Most SEO experts believe that an ideal keyword density is around 1-2%. This means the target keyword appears about one to two times per 100 words. At this rate, the keyword appears enough times to show search engines what the page is about without engaging in keyword stuffing.

Best SEO Practices for Page Layouts

Here is a summary of all on-page SEO techniques:

  1. Publish high-quality content
  2. Optimize page titles and meta descriptions
  3. Optimize page content
  4. Headings and content formatting
  5. SEO Images and other multimedia elements
  6. URL optimization
  7. Internal links
  8. External links
  9. Page loading speed
  10. Mobile-friendliness
  11. Comments and on-page SEO
What is off page SEO link building?

Off-Page SEO” refers to all of the activities that you and others do away from your website to raise the ranking of a page with search engines. ... On-page search engine optimization happens within the site, while off-page SEO happens outside the site.

Best SEO Practices for High Quality Content
SEO Best Practices
  1. Add Your Main Keyword Early On In Your Content. ...
  2. Write Unique Titles, Descriptions and Content. ...
  3. Optimize Your Title Tag for SEO. ...
  4. Optimize Your Site's Loading Speed. ...
  5. Track Your Results With The Google Search Console.
  6. Optimize Images for SEO. ...
  7. Use Internal Linking. ...
  8. Publish Amazing Content.
Social Media’s Role in SEO
Image result for Social Media's role is SEO
Social media SEO refers to how social media activities can boost your website's organic traffic through search engines. It's a topic that never gets old. The reason being simple: social media is important for SEO in more than one way. It not only makes your SEO activities effective but also lucrative.
How Does Off Site SEO Work?

Off-page SEO simply tells Google what others think about your site. For example, if you've got a lot of valuable links pointing to your pages, search engines will assume that you've got great content – the type that provides value for users. ... People only cite, reference and share content they like.

Why is SEO Link Building Important?
Why Link Building Is Important for SEO

Link building is important because it is a major factor in how Google ranks web pages. Google notes that: "In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages."

Why is Researching Keywords Important?

Keywords determine what your company is known for. Using the right keywords, your content marketing team understands what content to market. Your CRO funnel can be built with a wider mouth. Keyword research is the blueprint for your online marketing efforts, driving every decision you make.

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